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Christmas Memorial Tree Online Campaign

Christmas is probably the most important time for charitable fundraising with most charities raising a significant portion of their overall fundraised income during the pre-Christmas season. With online giving patterns increasing year on year, it is very important to cultivate and maintain online donor relationships and engage with donors through this medium.

At CHAMP CLOUD, we have developed a Christmas Memorial Tree Online Campaign that allows donors to ‘sponsor a light’ in memory of a loved one on a branded landing page that is embedded in your own website and fully integrated with CHAMP Fundraiser CRM.

This campaign works really well for hospice charities – as it is emotionally engaging and can be combined with an actual event – such as Tree Lighting ceremony etc.

It can be used as the focal point for a combined online and offline campaign.

How it Works

The campaign page itself illustrates a beautiful, animated ‘lit up’ Christmas tree and displays a seasonal and emotionally appealing message.This web page will be integrated with CHAMP Fundraiser software and Stripe payment processing to capture all donor and donation information and provide the functionality to generate automated receipt and thank you emails and printed letters & cards.

We create the design…

We create the design (with your input) and functional elements in CHAMP and then provide your web designer with a link that can be inserted to your existing website. The donor/ transaction information is transferred directly to CHAMP where itis linked to the donor profile (or where it creates a new donor) and event, where you can analyse event performance and/or create lists for future promotion.

We create a banner ad for your home page that links to the campaign page. Once on the Memorial Tree page, donors are invited to purchase a light on the tree in memory of a loved one for a specified price.

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Online Tribute Book

The page will allow donors to enter the name of the person for whom the light is purchased and also include space for a tribute or personalised message tobe recorded.

Tributes are displayed in an Online Tribute Book. The donor can indicate whether he/she wishes the message to be published or remain private. The Tribute Book is searchable and selecting a name causes one of the tree lights to ‘glow’.

Donors are prompted to make an optional additional donation before clicking to ‘Save & Pay’.The payment page collects the necessary donor contact information and payment is processed in the normal way by

An automated receipt/ thank you note is emailed to the donor and donors will also have the option to select to have a printed receipt sent to them.

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