GDPR - What’s next?

2018 was surely the year of GDPR. General Data Protection Regulations came into effect in May of last year and brought with it a lot of uncertainty for organisations. Businesses from all sectors struggled to get all their ducks in a row before the May deadline, but everyone got there in the end!

CHAMP GDPR Subject Access Requests
  • However, problem now lies in uniformity. While most companies got there in the end, it was a struggle, and many are now finding that their problem is being able to comply completely with people being entitled to ask for whatever information they may be holding on them. Organisations only have, by law, one month to deliver their information to data subjects upon request. Failing this will result in not only fines but mistrust from those who support the organisation
  • Organisations should be thinking about their new business processes surrounding the individual access rights and anticipating more enquiries, think about how you’re going to handle and triage those enquiries, how you’re going to get the information required to fulfil them, and how you’re going to meet the regulation which is set out there. So, 2019 could be the year when the ways companies comply with GDPR get more uniform across industries, positively affecting customer perspectives.
  • Also, we expect an increase in the number of businesses receiving fines this year. One of the likely reasons for the uneven issuing of GDPR fines across countries previously, as well as the slow associated process, is that those in charge of making legal decisions don’t have legal precedents to guide their actions. However, in 2019, you should expect regulators to become more concise in their interpretations of the law.

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