A prize draw is a highly effective way of generating a great recurring revenue stream for your organisation and of fostering a culture of life-long giving among your donor base.

So how does CHAMP Lottery work?

CHAMP Lottery is a system for managing a subscription-based lottery or prize draw. You can easily manage a weekly or monthly draw for which there is a prize or a number of prizes. Members pay weekly, monthly, quarterly or on an annual basis. CHAMP Lottery manages reminders, reporting, GDPR compliance, financial analysis and reporting.

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Data Management

  • Simple, intuitive data entry.
  • Secure data storage on our state of the art servers.
  • Great integrations for simple member sign up.
  • Comprehensive auditing & validation of data entry.
  • Filtering, sorting & customised reporting.
  • Communications data synchronisation

Gift Membership Management

  • Gift membership option to grow your membership
  • Manage and track gift givers & recipients.
  • Gift converter mailing function – issues letters to gift recipients to facilitate conversion to full-time draw members.

Draw Administration

  • Minimum administration, with ‘one-touch’ processing.
  • Random winner Selection or Lotto ball configuration.
  • Automatic generation of winner letters & cheques.


  • Automatic renewal reminders issued.
  • Simple mail merges.
  • Editable, personalised letters and communications.


  • Online banking imports for express data entry of Standing Orders.
  • Direct Debit processing exports.
  • Cash, Cheque and Credit payment processing.
  • EFT file & Bank Statement Import module.
  • Full Financial reporting.
  • Simple, fast payroll deduction data entry.


  • Customisable reports.
  • Sorting & Filtering options.
  • Comprehensive financial & performance reporting – allows for financial analysis of cash, cheques direct debit bank payments.

Payroll Deduction

  • Facilitates payroll giving.
  • Batching solution to match donors to payroll deduction reports supplied by companies.
  • Simple, fast payroll deduction data entry.

Cost Effective Cloud-Based

  • No hardware or server investment required.
  • No impact on I.T. Systems.
  • Secure data storage.
  • Regular Backup.
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Why Use an in-house lottery?

A Fundraising Lottery or Prize Draw is a great way to generate a secure & predictable income stream for your organisation and to offer your patrons the added incentive of winning a prize! CHAMP Lottery takes the work out of managing your lottery and gives you the peace of mind of knowing that – your donor’s funds are spent wisely, you have control of your membership data and most importantly you can demonstrate transparency & accountability.

Smart Fundraising

One of the key features of a lottery is the recurring nature of income it generates and the fact that you continue to reap the benefits from your promotional efforts year after year making it a very lucrative options that just makes sense for charities and NFP’s with limited fundraising budgets.

Using your Fundraising Budget Wisely

Reap the rewards by managing your own lottery simply, efficiently & cost-effectively. Operating your own in-house lottery has many advantages over an external lottery provider. It provides you with full control of your membership data – so that you can harness the goodwill that exists in your organisation. It is also a much less expensive option than using an external provider. Most managed lottery providers retain a percentage of the weekly draw revenue; this cost, when measured over the lifetime of your lottery, amounts to a substantial financial outlay that could be used more effectively within your organisation.

Life Long Giving

Secure & Predictable Income Stream – Having a secure and predictable annual income stream is an invaluable asset to your organisation, for cash flow and financial planning purposes. In addition, it fosters a culture of life-long giving and is an ideal way to encourage working place or payroll giving, which gives businesses the opportunity to make a valuable contribution to your cause.

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