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Whether you’re a large, multi-branch organisation or a small support group, managing membership can be challenging. CHAMP Member Manager takes care of all your data, is customisable to meet your organisations information capture requirements and it integrates with your website for seamless online member interactions.

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Membership Relationship Management

A complete solution to consolidate your data and grow your membership base.  CHAMP streamlines and simplifies your processes and provides you with tools to communicate and engage with your members online, so you can better serve their needs.

Online Subscriptions

Allow your community to sign-up and renew memberships online with integrated membership signup pages and payment processing. Members signing up online are automatically added to CHAMP, assigned to Mailing lists and their communications preferences are recorded. Automated renewal notices and reminders can be configured to notify members of expiring membership.

Member Communications

Keeping your members informed and ensuring content is relevant and meaningful is crucial to maintaining loyalty and growing the membership base. CHAMP’s communications functionality manages every day member communications from transactional emails, weekly newsletters to scheduled automated membership reminders. Soft tagging and segmentation allows you to create targeted lists or you can set up pre-defined mailing lists, that can be synchronised with MailChimp audiences.


Event & Ticketing Management

Run and manage events or campaigns relevant to your members, such as conferences, information days, educational programmes or courses. CHAMP offers integrated online event registration or course sign-up with ticketing and custom data capture. You can promote your events/ courses on website or social media platforms and gather the data you need from your attendees as well as managing lists of attendance or follow up communications.

Detailed & Custom Reporting

Standard & custom membership and financial reports to meet your organisations needs

Custom Membership Data

Configured to meet your organisation’s sign up and data capture requirements.

Integrated Payments

Integrated payments processing, automated payments reconciliation and automated renewals via Stripe and PayPal.

Customised Landing pages

Customised integrated website sign up pages or forms to capture the information you need for first time members or renewals.

Renewal Reminders

Scheduled or automated renewal reminders to members to notify them of upcoming membership renewals or expiry deadlines.

Multi-branch Access

Tailored multi-branch access allows larger organisations to centralise data, while allowing individual branches to record and view their data and issue local branch communications.

Champ Doubleq

”The USPCA decided that we needed to introduce a CRM system in order to improve communication with our membership base and supporters. Our list of requirements were many and we believed that CHAMP provided the best overall solution for the USPCA. Following an in-depth introduction to CHAMP we liked the simplicity of the system, ease of e-mail distribution, the reporting capabilities and the ability to create dashboards to monitor events. As well as being the most competitive product, we were impressed by the knowledge they had of the charity sector. We appreciate the personal approach from the CHAMP team from the first point of contact and they are always on hand for technical support or to provide advice on how we can use CHAMP going forward to its full potential.”

Colleen Tinnelly
Development Manager, USPCA

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