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Changing Your Social Media, Share Image for WIX websites

This is an extract from: Choose which thumbnail image to display when sharing your site on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. You can set a different social share image for each page of your site, or one image for the whole site. To change the social share image for an individual page: Click Menus & Pages on...

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Using encryption and setting a password on your Excel files.

Protecting Excel Files with Encryption and Passwords. So you need to send an Excel file to a colleague or the auditors or to CHAMP support team? Keep data protection in mind and protect that file by adding encryption or a password to it. You should discuss with your IT department or support person and your...

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Napping in the work place.

The world's first chair designed for napping in the work place. We do look after ourselves here at CHAMP HQ The zero gravity position, specially composed sleep music, gentle wake sequence of programmed lights and vibrations... All features of the EnergyPod are designed to help you relax. WE WANT ONE... I think we will start a Crowd...

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Crowdfunding and your next campaign?

Crowdfunding is a term that refers to the process of raising money with donations from a large number of people. Crowdfunding was first used by entrepreneurs to attract small-sized investments for start-ups. In the US, crowdfunding is projected to become a $90 billion dollar industry by 2025 and is being a valuable fundraising tool for...

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Talk to your donors – Understand how they see you…

Knowing your donor is something that a lot of charities believe they do well. We all know Bridie who is our most reliable community fundraiser, volunteer, and our charity lottery member, but do we really ‘know’ her? Who is she, why does she support us, what if we do that motivates her to passionately support...

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Business Model Canvas

How using a Business Model Canvas can help you grow.

The Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur has been used by many organizations to focus their activities to define and achieve their goals. As a wise person once told me, there are things that help you achieve success. (1) Who you are speaking to and (2) What you are saying to them....

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CHAMP Campaign Pages

Capture the hearts of your donors with a beautifully illustrated Christmas Campaign

Christmas is probably the most important time for charitable fundraising with most charities raising a significant portion of their overall fundraised income during the pre-Christmas season. With online giving patterns increasing year on year, it is very important to cultivate and maintain online donor relationships and engage with donors through this medium. At CHAMP CLOUD,...

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Using Facebook to boost support and donations

Using Facebook effectively has become essential for non-profit organizations to increase awareness of their activities, engage with their supporters and attract new donors, but it is important that your Facebook campaigns are focused and strategic. In a series of post, we will outline how to make the most of your Facebook activity. Over the coming...

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