CHAMP Fundraiser (CRM)

A complete CRM & Fundraising Management Solution that keeps all your supporter data in one shared location, with fully integrated On-line Fundraising and Simple Email Marketing tools to engage your supporters and maximize donor retention.

As a charity or NFP organisation, you know that the most important asset you have is your donors. Developing your relationships with them builds their support over time, not only in financial terms, but your donors also act as ambassadors for your charity, introducing more supporters & donors to your cause. The best way to nurture your donor relationships is to have an effective communication strategy in place that is informative and personalised and keeps your donors interested in and passionate about your charity. With CHAMP Fundraiser, you can harness the power of your donor relationships to make real & tangible financial gains for your charity.

CHAMP Fundraiser Features

  • Easy to Use, Simple, Intuitive Interface.
  • CHAMP Fundraiser is designed with you in mind. An intuitive, user-friendly interface with a straight-forward and logical process flow means all your administrative tasks are simple and ‘one touch’, from entering new donors, processing their donations, issuing receipts & thank you notes, to managing events and generating reports – all is done in one place and is accessible to everyone in your fundraising team.
  • Captures critical data & manages donor interactions.
  • Donor profile.
  • Financial history.
  • History of contact.
  • Area of interest.
  • Campaign involvement.
  • Notes & Tasks.
  • Traces donations from receipt to bank clearing.
  • Tracks donors every contribution over years, with summary & detailed reporting.
  • Detailed Financial reporting and break down by an event.
  • Event & donation performance analysis.
  • Full audit drill down.
  • Stream-lines & simplifies donation receipting and issuing of acknowledgement & thank you letters, reducing administration and freeing staff up for more creative fundraising!
  • Allows you to conduct focused marketing campaigns and with dynamic, editable mail and email templates that can be personalised with fields from your database. Letters and emails you create can be saved in the system and re-used as needed.
  • Improved email functionality with Mailchimp integration to allow you to send mass emails without clogging up your server or getting you added to spam lists.
Creating mass email solicitation campaigns and sending your weekly newsletters is now even simpler with CHAMP Fundraiser. You can choose from our pre-designed templates or create your own by adding your logo, inserting images and links to your donation or campaign pages or even including a ‘donate’ button. Emails can be generated and saved to the cloud to re-use as needed and can be personalised by selecting fields from your database to create effective and personalised donor communications! With our MailChimp integration, your emails are sent to the touch of a button. Using MailChimp has many advantages for large email campaigns; it is low cost, efficient and won’t clog up your server or get you added to spam lists. You also get the power of mail analytics; this allows you to see who has opened and read your mail, where they are located and advises you of bounce backs, so you can contact these donors to update their email addresses. Where an email recipient wishes to‘unsubscribe’ from your mailing list, CHAMP automatically updates the contact preference, to help keep you compliant with data protection requirements.
  • Simple, Effective tools for managing events: Conferences, Marathons, Coffee mornings, Golf tournaments, Sponsored events.
  • Online Event Registration – Allows your supporters to sign up for events on your own website using our WooCommerce & WordPress Integration modules. All online data captured on your website goes directly to CHAMP.
  • Campaign Logistics module – manages batching & dispatching of support packs, generation of orders for 3rd. party suppliers.
  • Sponsorship Card management – manages issuing & collections of sponsorship cards and money, Issuing letters to outstanding sponsorship card holders.
  • UUser-friendly query and sorting options.
  • Detailed & Summary financial & performance reports to track donor & event performance and analyse trends.
  • Customisable reports to meet your needs.
  • Reduces administration with ‘one touch’ accounting.
  • A simple acknowledgement of donations and donor tagging.
  • Frees up Fundraising staff for Value-added and creative fundraising activities.
  • Full Auditing and Financial Reporting.
  • Full Data migration service available.
  • System populated with your data and ready to use – no down time or inertia.
  • De-duplication service to identify and remove duplicate data entries.
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