Talk to your donors – Understand how they see you…

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Knowing your donor is something that a lot of charities believe they do well. We all know Bridie who is our most reliable community fundraiser, volunteer, and our charity lottery member, but do we really ‘know’ her?

Who is she, why does she support us, what if we do that motivates her to passionately support you in what you do? Would this be good to know you might ask? Why do I really need to know? She brings the funds, we manage the receipting and auditing roles we fulfill and we communicate what we are doing to her, so she knows all that is going on.  Great!

But perhaps there are other Bridies out there who you have a less ‘connected’ relationship with? Names you don’t recognize, generous donors and promoter we have not yet gotten to know.

Speaking to at least some of your donors will give you great insight into what motivates them to give and support you, it will help you focus your messaging, perhaps Facebook, newsletters, or other conversations. So try it, you will be surprised and you will learn.

And if sharing this learning with your team, management, or your board, try this simple to use online free tool to visualize what your donors like about what you do.

Here is a word cloud of some things we focus on with CHAMP.

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