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Custom, Ready to Go Campaign – Minimal Effort, Maximum Impact

The CHAMP Memorial Tree Online Campaign is a unique, ready to deploy digital campaign, with customised graphics and messaging to suit your charity. With payments processing and custom data capture, the campaign resides on your own website and provides a focal point to promote your organisation across all digital and social media platforms.

The campaign page itself illustrates a beautiful, animated ‘lit up’ Christmas tree and displays a seasonal and emotionally appealing message. This web page is integrated with CHAMP CRM software and Stripe payment processing to capture all donor and donation information and provide the functionality to generate automated receipts, thank you emails, printed letters and cards.

We create the design…

We create the unique design and messaging (with your input) for your organisation and then configure the functional elements in CHAMP.

Then we provide your web designer with a link that can be inserted to your existing website together with a banner Ad with a call to action, created and customised for your homepage that links to the campaign page.

Your Campaign is now Live!
Ready to start sharing with your existing supporters, your corporate friends, and across all social media platforms.

Champ Light-Tree
Champ Tablet-Book

How it works…

Once on the page, donors are invited to purchase a light in memory of a loved one and can add a personalised message for display in the Online Book of Tributes.

Donors are prompted to make an optional additional donation before clicking to ‘Save & Pay’. The payment page collects the necessary donor contact information and payment is processed by Stripe.

The donor and transaction information is all transferred directly to CHAMP where it is linked to the donor profile (or where it creates a new donor) and where you can analyse event performance and use for future promotion.

 “CHAMP’s creative expertise and unwavering support transformed our virtual tree fundraiser. Their customised design and personal touches lit up our campaign, making it simple and efficient to manage. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an exceptional team to build unique campaigns!”

Emily Simms, Foundation Director, Shepherds Cove Hospice Alberville AL – USA

Champ Trusted Client
Champ Crm | Trusted Client | Cancer Fund For Children
Champ Crm | Trusted Client | Tallaght University Hospital Foundation
Champ Trusted Client
Champ Trusted Client
Champ Trusted Client

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