Deployment and Implementation


We believe that your needs are unique and that the best way to deliver a successful project is to meet directly with our clients as frequently as possible. For every project we propose a clear schedule of face-to-face or online meetings and a dedicated project manager to maximise our time together.

Our Approach

Our team have many years of experience working with charities not-for-profit organisations like yours; we will make sure we understand your goals and system requirements before working with you to implement an effective solution.  Before any features are configured, we dig deep into your organisation’s processes to capture your system requirements and configuration needs. This can be performed on-site or remotely.

We create a detailed plan of action that you approve before we start. This ensures you understand exactly what modules will comprise your solution, and how your system will be configured.

Champ Crm | One In All Solution For Non Profits

Agile Development and Quality Assurance

We adopt an iterative approach and offer layers of approvals and quality assurance throughout the project. We work to Agile development principals and where we deliver customisation for you – we offer you the opportunity to provide feedback and we will adjust the brief to your final requirements.


Customisations to suit your processes

At CHAMP, we know that one size does not fit all! Our solutions can be configured and customised to meet your organisation’s needs. CHAMP is not simply an ‘out of the box’ solution. Our software, built by us from the ground up, is continuously evolving to meet client’s needs and in line with industry best practice.

When you become a CHAMP client, the first part of the process is for us to understand your needs – and then we work with you to ensure they are met through the effective use of our software and integrations.

Training & Support

Once you become a CHAMP client, we become part of your team and are always at hand with support and advice, when and where you need it. We offer a blended learning  that comprises in-person  and remote training sessions, tailored to meet your organisation’s needs.  A comprehensive Knowledge Base training resource provides step by step instructions for all modules and processes. You choose one or a combined learning approach that matches your training goals, learning style, and budget. 


CHAMP significantly improved our processes at Cork ARC, transforming our previously manual and time-consuming methods of managing donor communications into a streamlined and detailed approach. Financially, it relieved a lot of pressure, as I was confident in its transparency and effectiveness when reporting income to our board and tracking donations. Des and the team were accessible, communicated well, and made the transition period, which initially seemed daunting, completely manageable. CHAMP offered us new and exciting ways to plan our fundraising activities. The beauty of CHAMP is that it is purpose-built for charities, so it met our specific requirements from day one

Karen O’Sullivan, Development Manager,
Cork ARC Cancer Support House

Champ Crm | Virtual Memory Tree

Ongoing Support – Hands on and Personal

CHAMP support is all about solving issues as quickly as possible, giving you access to timely phone support, as well as a comprehensive Knowledge Base solution of training resources.  

Human support is critical to the adoption of new systems. Our approach is always ‘hands on’ and personalised. We work closely with your team to ensure that we fully understand your needs and that your team engage with CHAMP to maximise efficiency and build effective work practices



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