Bringing it all together with an integrated Fundraising CRM solution to manage your donors,

campaigns, events, communications, volunteers and online fundraising.

Powerful tools to help you manage donors & improve your fundraising

Spend less time on administration and work smarter with streamlined & automated process flows

Connect & engage with your donors with beautiful online campaigns

Grow your fundraising income and strengthen your organisation

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Donor Management

Get to know your donors better than you ever imagined. CHAMP maintains a central repository for all your donor data, tracking every donation (online & offline) online event registration, campaign involvement and communication in one single donor record.

Donation & Payment Processing

CHAMP’s donations and payment processing facility tracks all online and off line donations (including recurring donations), purchases & event income from receipt to bank clearing and maintains a full audit trail with summary and detailed transaction reporting options available.

Online Integration

CHAMP integrates seamlessly with your website and 3rd party software applications to allow you capture donation, custom campaign and event registrations and expression of interest directly in CHAMP. Our core principal is ‘One Touch Processing’- data only needs to be entered once, saving you time and money.


Grant Tracking & Dedicated Charity Modules

CHAMP has a range of modules that manage, track and simplify your everyday charity processes including Sponsor Cards, Collection Boxes, Purchases Management & Campaign Packs

Targeted Communications

Connect and engage with donors to nurture and maintain their loyalty. CHAMP has streamlined mail, e-mail and SMS modules that allow you to manage everyday receipting and thank you letters as well as major marketing campaigns and weekly newsletters.

Events & Campaigns

CHAMP has powerful tools to help you plan and run successful events. With online event ticketing, supporters can sign up for events on your website and you can manage lists of attendees, communications and payments all in CHAMP.​

Data Protection & GDPR

CHAMP makes the job of complying with GDPR so much easier by providing a range of GDPR features built-in to the software that help reduce the GDPR compliance burden.

Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Generate powerful reports instantly with real time, up to date donor and fundraising data. CHAMP’s custom reports and dashboards provide CEO’s, managers and board members with full visibility and control over the entire fundraising process.

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”The CHAMP team spent time with us to learn about our systems. They were extremely patient and supportive while we convinced ourselves, and our Board, that this was the way to go. Once the decision was made the CHAMP team were really proactive in helping us achieve efficiency, compliance and helping us scale and structure our fundraising, donor engagement and online strategies. We have been ably supported through all stages of development and would have no hesitation in recommending CHAMP to others.”

Carol Murray
Head of Non-Clinical Support Services, Milford Care Centre, Limerick

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