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Donor Retention & Data Management Advice

If your organisation is making its first moves to modernising your processes or you are looking to improve your data flow or use of data or donor lists, or you simply want to increase your annual revenue, then perhaps we can help?

Bespoke & Customisable Solutions

CHAMP offers fully customisable & integrated solutions that can be tailored to deliver the features and functionality you require to meet your fundraising and business needs.

Data Migration

Data migration is the process of transferring the data from your existing software or systems into the new system. At face value, this may seem like a straightforward exercise, requiring little input from you, however the reality, in most charities, is that in addition to the main database or donor list, people can have a variety of additional files or mailing lists that they use for a particular event, for example. Due to the complexity of the raw data and the variety of different data sources, there can often be duplication and some of the data may be old and no longer relevant etc.

Data Restructuring and De-duplication

We take all of your raw data from your existing systems in it’s original format, review and re-structure it (with your input) so that you can capture the actual data you need. Whether you have simple excel lists or have lots of data on various different databases or software systems, we will take the effort out of consolidating all your data into one quality central database, that can be shared and owned by all your fundraising/ administrative team.

Members Draws and Lottery Consulting

If you’re looking for smarter ways to fundraise and know the benefit of having a strong base of regular givers, but think that implementing a lottery or members draw is something that is beyond your reach or would take too much work, then you should talk to us. CHAMP Lottery is our software solution that will enable you to simply and efficiently administer your weekly or monthly draw. Allowing you to generate a secure and predictable annual income stream for your organisation.

WordPress and Website Integrations and API’s

If you are using WordPress or another website platform, you will be amazed at how much CHAMP can integrate with your online activity. From event signups, t-shirts or other supporter pack orders, online donation management, donor acquisition, or crowdfunding campaigns, we can help you streamline your work to achieve maximum efficiency.

As well as being the most competitive product, we were impressed by the knowledge they had of the charity sector. We appreciate the personal approach from the CHAMP team from the first point of contact and they are always on hand for technical support or to provide advice on how we can use CHAMP going forward to its full potential.

Champ Trusted Client
Colleen Tinnelly
Development Manager

We needed a lottery solution, with some tailored features. Des and the team helped us to define our needs and delivered the solution we needed. We are delighted to recommend them.

Champ Happy Client
Mary Maloney
Cahercalla Community Hospital

The CHAMP team provided our team with quality software and business insights.  As CEO, you need trusted suppliers and I am very happy to recommend them.

Champ Happy Client
Sean O’ Healy, Chief Executive

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